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HyNetflex FAQ's

Q. How do I get a HyNetflex Broadband?

A. You can buy HyNetflex from the nearest MTN Store to you. You can also visit MTN’s online store on place an order via WhatsApp (07025000040)

Q. Is the HyNetflex service available nationwide?

A. Yes. MTN HyNetflex service is available across MTN’s wide 4G or 3G network coverage nationwide.

Q. Is there a warranty on the HyNetflex device?

A. Yes. The warranty on the device is valid for one year. A faulty device is to be returned to the point of purchase for resolution or replacement subject to technical assessment at the store.

Q. How do I activate the initial 120GB Welcome Data Offer?

A. Just register your new HyNetflex SIM card and insert it into your HyNetflex router to receive your 120GB Welcome data offer automatically.

Q. What do I do if my 120GB Welcome Data Offer is not immediately and automatically activated?

A. Please text HyNetflex to 131 via SMS and you will receive your 120GB Welcome Data offer.

Q. How do I subscribe to HyNetflex Data plans?

A. You can subscribe to HyNetflex Data plans using any of the following options below:

  • Simply dial *131*500# from your phone to link your phone to HyNetflex router and follow the prompt to recharge or subscribe data on your HyNetflex router – directly from your mobile phone
  • Buy data plans via WhatsApp Chat Bot: 09033000001
  • Download MyMTN app from Google Play/App Store, click on ‘Bundle’, then ‘HyNetflex’, select your data bundle, choose ‘For Others’ and enter your HyNetflex number to activate a data bundle ü Or visit MTN’s portal to activate your HyNetflex data bundle: https://mymtn.com.ng
  • You can also recharge/subscribe to HyNetflex Data plans on Quickteller. Simply visit: https://www.quickteller.com/mtnhynetflexdata

For a more detailed guide on how to subscribe to HyNetflex Data plans, please visit: https://mtnbusiness.com.ng/hynetflex/how-to-resubscribe

Q. Can I buy any other data when my HyNetflex Unlimited Data bundle reaches the fair usage threshold before the bundle expires?

A. Yes. You can subscribe to another HyNetflex data bundle of your choice, when your Unlimited Data bundle reaches the defined FUP threshold before the end of its validity period

Q. How much isHyNetflex Unlimited Data?

A. HyNetflex Unlimited Data bundles are available for as low as N5,000 (Weekly plan), N20,000 (Monthly plan); higher data plans are also available. Please visit https://mtnbusiness.com.ng/hynetflex for more details

Q. What are the various validity periods available forHyNetflex Capped Data plans?

A. Yes. MTN has a wide range of validity periods for capped plans valid i.e. 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. Please visit https://mtnbusiness.com.ng/hynetflex for more details.

Q. How do I check theHyNetflex Airtime and Data balances?

A. You can check your HyNetflex Data balance or airtime balance through MyMTN App, or MTN’s Data portal: http://mymtn.com.ng, or USSD channels: *131*500#. You can also check your data/airtime balance(s) directly from HyNetflex router interface/firmware on

Q. Will I be able to roll over my unused data?

A. Yes. You will be able to roll over your unused data bundle. Terms & conditions apply.

Q. Are there promotional offers for HyNetflex Data customers?

A. Yes. The promotional offer for HyNetflex Data customers in addition to the 120GB Welcome Data offer is as follows:

  • 100% Extra Data is offered to customers for every capped HyNetflex Data bundle subscribed on a new HyNetflex Router within the initial 6 months
  • Loyalty data bonuses/discounts for customers who re-subscribe to monthly data plans regularly over 6, 9 and 12 months .

Q. Is my HyNetflex data depletion different from other data plans?

A. No. Your HyNetflex data depletes at the same rate as other mobile data plans

Q. How do I know if my HyNetflex router is on 4G or 3G?

A. Blue network signal light on your HyNetflex router indicates your HyNetflex is on 4G, while a green network signal light indicates 3G. Note that the switch between 4G and 3G on your HyNetflex router is automatic depending on the available network in your location.

Q. How should I get the best use of myHyNetflex in-built battery?

A. You are advised to ensure the in-built battery is fully charged before the 1st use

Q. How do I make other devices (phones/tablets/laptops) discover myHyNetflex for a wireless (WiFi) connection?

A. Simply press the WPS button at the top of your HyNetflex router to enable other devices discover your HyNetflex for a wireless connection via WiFi.

Q. What is HyNetflex One Account?

A. HyNetflex One Account is a special feature that enables you add up to 10 beneficiaries (HyNetflex routers or Mi-Fis) to your HyNetflex profile, so that each device can use from a single data subscription

Q. What are the benefits ofHyNetflex One Account feature?

A. The benefits of HyNetflex One Account feature to customers include cost savings, flexibility of use, convenience and control.

Q. How do I register myHyNetflex for One Account feature?

A. Log on to https://mymtn.com.ng with your HyNetflex number to generate OTP (One Time Password), then proceed to the tab for HyNetflex One Account for registration

Q. What are my options for allocating data volumes toHyNetflex beneficiary accounts?

A. You can allocate either variable data volumes or fixed data volumes to HyNetflex beneficiary accounts. Fixed data volumes include 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 5GB, 10GB and 20GB

Q. How do I allocate fixed data volumes toHyNetflex beneficiary accounts?

A. Simply select the ‘Fixed Option’ on HyNetflex One Account tab, input the beneficiary MSISDNs of your HyNetflex and select any of the fixed data volumes of your choice.

Q. Which HyNetflex data bundles can be used for One Account?

A. Only HyNetflex Capped Data bundles can be used for One Account.

Q. Do the data volumes allocated toHyNetflex beneficiary accounts have the same validity as the data bundle on the HyNetflex sponsor account?

A. Yes. The validity of data bundle the same for HyNetflex sponsor and beneficiary accounts

Q. Is there roll-over on the data volumes allocated toHyNetflex beneficiary accounts?

A. No. Roll-over applies to the data balance on HyNetflex sponsor account

Q. CanHyNetflex sponsor allocate rolled over data to HyNetflex beneficiary accounts?

A. Yes. HyNetflex sponsor can allocate rolled over data to HyNetflex beneficiary accounts

Q. Can I delete and addHyNetflex beneficiary accounts on my HyNetflex sponsor profile?

A. Yes. You can delete and add HyNetflex beneficiary accounts on your HyNetflex sponsor profile

Q. Can I increase or reduce data volume allocated to myHyNetflex beneficiary accounts?

A. Yes. You can increase or reduce data volume allocated to your HyNetflex beneficiary accounts

Q. Can I modify data allocation options for myHyNetflex beneficiary accounts?

A. Yes. You can modify data allocation options (variable and fixed) for your HyNetflex beneficiary accounts at any time

Q. Can I check data balance on myHyNetflex sponsor or beneficiary accounts?

A. Yes. You can check data balance on your HyNetflex sponsor or beneficiary accounts through the existing channels: USSD (*131*500#), MyMTN App and MTN Web (https://mymtn.com.ng)

Q. Is theHyNetflex One Account open to all Service Classes?

A. No. HyNetflex one account is open to MSISDN on SC 191 (Sponsor and Beneficiary HyNetflex Router) or 184 (Beneficiary Enterprise Mi-Fi) ONLY

Q. Can a beneficiary enjoy data from more than one sponsor?

A. No. Beneficiary can feed from only one (1) Sponsor at a time

Q. Can a sponsor view beneficiary’s data usage?

A. Yes. Sponsor is be able to view accumulated data volume consumed by each beneficiary within the validity period of active (capped) data

Q. Do beneficiaries feed from Sponsor’s main data account?

A. No. Beneficiaries feed from the sponsor’s sharable data wallet

Q. How do I transfer data to from my main account to my sharable wallet?

A. Simply select the “Add & View beneficiary page”, enter the data amount(in GB) and select proceed