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Fleet Management Solutions

Stay in Control, Manage Your Fleet

In today’s competitive landscape, more and more Fleet Managers are recognizing the benefits of effective fleet management. Not only does this help them do their job more efficiently, but they’re able to achieve huge cost savings for their organisation over the long haul.

At MTN, we also understand the value of effective fleet management. That’s why we offer world-class Vehicle and Fleet Management Solutions, enabled by our revolutionary Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology, making a big difference for individual users, small and medium enterprises, large corporate organisations, transportation and logistics companies, vehicle leasing firms and so forth.

Whether you’ve got a fleet size of five or 5000, our M2M Vehicle and Fleet Management solutions help you to be on top of your game. No longer do you have to worry about your vehicles being out of sight, as you can access all of them online and get real-time reports on their location, speed, distance covered, fuel management and much more...

We provide general plan options, as well as industry-specific solutions, offering an array of features that give you great benefits and real value for money. So, get your vehicles talking to you today!

Our Customer Offer

The MTN Fleet Management Solutions offer a wide-range of benefits, including:

Basic Vehicle Tracking

This affords you the ability to view real-time locations of every vehicle in your fleet such that immediate and quick decisions can be made based on new developments. Basic tracking gives an immediate outlook of driver’s speed, odometer reading, ignition status, and driver location on a geographical map outlay.


You can also geo-fence your vehicles or a particular set of vehicles to a certain geographical boundary and using our location based service, you will get alerts should such vehicles go outside such predefined locations. This is most ideal for confirmation of deliveries and other sales processes. It is also most ideal in the case of theft. Individuals also find a great use of this solution to manage driving personnel by geo-fencing key areas like children’s school, Homes or offices such that alerts are also received when these locations are received. Alerts can be set up to receive notifications for the following incidents or events:

  • Entering Geo-Fence
  • Exiting Geo-Fence
  • Exceeding Maximum Time at Geo-Fence
  • Entering and Exiting Geo-Fence
  • Events Inside Geo-Fence

Driver Management (Time, Distance and Speed Monitoring)

An effective fleet management solution is not complete without an efficient driver management feature. With the MTN fleet management solution, youregister driver and driver details like Driver name, Driver Address and Driver License details.

Fuel consumption and maintenance bills make up nearly 30% of the total cost of owning a vehicle1. Both factors are affected by driving style. A stable, fluid driving style is more fuel-efficient than speeding or stop-start driving in heavy traffic, for example. And aggressive driving results in greater wear and tear on a vehicle. Events such as idling, Actual Fuel consumption and fuel efficiency can be managed to identify driving style and save fuel costs.

Management Reports and Downloads

Users can report on one vehicle or all vehicles assigned to their logging, and can quickly select the date & time period to report on. Some of the more frequently used reports are:

  • Calculated Speeding
  • Daily Activity Trip Report
  • Geo-Fence Exit Entry
  • Overtime Summary
  • Vehicle History (Location History for 2 Weeks)

Reports can also be queried to check driving behavior using the excessive speeding and excessive idling reports.

In addition, the MTN Fleet Management Solutions offer:

  • Desktop/Server Client for Large Fleet Data Polling
  • Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
  • Corporate Access and Report Customization

Ready to Take Ownership of Your Fleet?

Visit any MTN Shop or contact your MTN Account Partner to get started today. Click here to learn more about the Vehicle and Fleet Management Service Plans we have on offer.