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MTN Backup as a Service (BaaS)

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What is MTN BaaS?

MTN Backup as a Service (BaaS) is a prepaid hosting service that offers you the ability to backup your files and folders on-the-go, securely onto backup servers in the MTN datacenter via the internet. Data backup is nothing more than a copy of data, stored to aid in case of disaster, theft or corruption.  The MTN BaaS is a service that will provide customers the ability to initiate and manage backups and restores on their computers virtually from anywhere in the world via a secure connection.

It is ideal for small and medium sized offices and homes that need to backup, update existing backups or carry out restore of lost files on the go even while operating from geographically dispersed locations. It is fast and easy to use, and the backup process does not affect the performance of your computer while you are working.

BaaS Packages

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  • Ability to schedule automatic back-up
  • Intelligent data selection
  • Anywhere, anytime recovery
  • Central user management
  • Off-site data storage
  • Lower disk space and bandwidth usage
  • High level of security
  • Group configuration and Remote deployment
  • Storage and Authentication service


  • Solves most challenging backup problem areas
  • Simplify data protection management
  • Shrink storage requirements
  • Avoid the costs associated with maintaining your server in-house
  • Customer’s server is hosted in our premium data center, directly connected to the MTN IP backbone
  • State-of-the-art data center facilities for hosting operations. Equipped with back-up power systems, single points of failure are minimized enhancing the reliability and availability of customer’s server

Types of Packages

MTN BaaS solution is available in two variations; Basic and Advanced packages.
Basic package provides access to BaaS via secure internet without the need for any hardware installation at the customer’s premise while the Advanced package requires the installation of a backup appliance on the LAN of the customer to cater for the huge backup storage requirement of the customer. Basic BaaS is ideal for individual customers and SOHOs who are mobile and require backup of small sizes data from their mobile devices. Advanced BaaS is ideal for customers who wish to backup huge data over the LAN or backup data residing on immobile computer devices like servers and desktops over the LAN.

All You Need To Know

  1. Why do I need a backup solution?

    The Backup is the last line of defense in every organization. It helps recover from corrupted data or lost data. It also helps restoring into test environment so that new software versions and new functionalities can be tested without harming the online data.

  2. What is MTN BaaS?

    MTN BaaS is the backup service from MTNN that provides you today with the possibility of outsourcing your backup and conducting the backup remotely from where ever you are over the internet. We deliver best in breed backup solution to help you perform the backup of your active data without worrying about the hardware and software. You also do not need to bother about the overhead of management and maintenance of the BaaS environment.

  3. Is my MTN backup Service Safe?

    The data being backed up over the secure connection travels over a secured VPN tunnel as well as it is by default encrypted on the fly. The backed up data is stored in an encrypted format and can only be viewed when restored by the owner of the data.

  4. How much data can be stored, where is it stored and how is it restored?

    The service can store hundreds of Gigabyte of backup storage per client. The data will be stored in the internal disks of the MTN BaaS system at our data center. The restore will happen by launching the restore procedure and reading the data back from the BaaS system.
    Please note that there are so many scenarios to be considered here. Once your request reaches us, we shall assign our presales team who will gather your requirements and help size the data in your environment with a view to providing you with the solution that will respond to your backup and restore requirements.

  5. What files can I backup?

    Prior to the backup launch, you should decide what data is critical to your business. Backup the important data.
    Unless critical to your business, avoid backing up images and media files as they are very large files

  6. How often can I back up?

    You can back-up as often as you wish by launching the backup client and initiating a backup. However, the backup can be scheduled for you on request. Best practice in the market however recommends a backup frequency of once daily.

  7. While backing up my data, can I pause and return to my download?

    Yes. If the internet link fails during the backup or you pause and resume for more than 30 minutes, the backup job will fail. Once the internet link is restored the customer can launch the backup manually again. If the link fails for less than 30 minutes, the backup automatically resumes.

  8. How quickly can data be retrieved?

    The data can be fetched when you need it and the restore procedure will start.
    Now for the restore to be completed, this depends on the speed of the link you are using.

  9. How many machines can I backup?

    There is no limit to the number of machines.

  10. How long can data be stored for?

    If the customer does not renew, the service will be suspended automatically. Customer is expected to renew within 30 days after suspension. If the customer does not renew, then the customer will be purged and deleted from the system. If the customer wishes to cancel the service, then customer should inform the Account Partner. The customer is the expected to retrieve their data within seven (7) days after cancellation after which the account will be deleted and data purged out of the system

  11. What happens to my data if my device is stolen / spoilt?

    Since the data resides on the MTN datacenter backup servers, your data remains intact. If the device is stolen or lost and a new device is replacing it, once it is joined either to the Domain or to the VPN and identified by the administrator as the same account as before, the client needs to reinstall the BaaS client software and start the restore procedure.
    The customer will have the choice of creating a folder that he wants to restore to and also can chose what to restore and what not to restore.

  12. How is the backup and restore performed?

    The backup and restore procedure is detailed in the user manual found online on at
    For further assistance, please contact your Account Partner or call 08031021600 to speak to our customer representative or email us at

  13. How will I be notified if I am about to exceed my quota?

    The MTN BaaS sends alerts to your account and email address once you reach 70% of your quota. Another alert will be sent at the 90% mark

  14. What will happen if I exceed my quota?

    If you reach your quota, the system will inform you and the backup service will stop until you increase your storage space or delete unwanted storage data

  15. Can I buy more backup storage in the same month?

    Yes you can upgrade your backup storage space anytime within the same month. In this case, the subscription fee shall be prorated

  16. What do I need to access the BaaS Environment?

    You will need internet connection on the device you intend using to access the BaaS, a Web Browser and the BaaS client software.

  17. How do I get the BaaS Client?

    You can obtain the BaaS client from

  18. How do I logon to my BaaS online portal?

    The online portal can be launch from the BaaS client on your desktop. The quick installation guide which shall be emailed to you after activation of your account will provide further details

  19. Who is it for?

    MTN BaaS is targeted at SMEs and home offices that can backup dynamically to an online site and restore on the go in a cost effective manner

  20. Is MTN BaaS a prepaid or postpaid service?

    MTN BaaS is currently available as a prepaid service.

  21. Is any advanced payment required before this service is activated?

    Yes. Once you make payment online, in the Banks, Service Centers or Connect stores designated by MTNN, your account will be created using the registration form filled by you and your account will then be activated.

  22. Does the customer get charged based on data usage?

    No. MTN BaaS service is based on service plans

  23. What device(s) must the customer have to use MTN BaaS?

    To use MTN BaaS, the customer needs a computer or mobile device that has a storage drive where files and folders to be backed up can be selected from

  24. How does the customer know username and password?

    The customer will be sent their username and default passwordto the email address provided in their registration form. The default password will need to be changed by the customer

  25. How does the customer register for the service?

    Once the customer makes an enquiry or is marketed to by the sales team, a registration form will be provided to the customer. This registration form will contain information that will be used to activate the customer’s account

  26. How does the customer recharge his account?

    Few days before subscription expiration, invoice will be sent to the customer advising for payment to be made. The customer then makes payment to the Account Partner designated by MTNN. On receipt of the payment acknowledgment, the validity of the subscription will be extended accordingly

  27. How does the customer confirm which service plan is subscribed to and when it will expire?

    On activation or recharging of the customer’s account, an email will be sent to the customer informing on the service plan subscribed to and validity period of the subscription

    This information will also be available to the customer via the IVR anytime the request is made
  28. Is it easy to set up MTN BaaS service?

    Yes it is! Once payment is made, the customer shall be sent a quick installation guide to assist with the installation. For further assistance, customer can call their Account Partner or the customer service centre

  29. Is there a limit to the number of users on a Customer account?

    There is no limit as long as the user is a bonafide staff of the customer

Troubleshooting Tips

The following may be responsible for this;

  1. The customer cannot access MTN BaaS service?  
    • The customer should confirm that the computer’s internet access is working
    • The customer should confirm that the web link to MTN BaaS service is correct
    • The customer should confirm that the BaaS client is downloaded unto the computer’s hard drive
    • If the customer is connecting to the internet from a LAN point, the customer should confirm that the LAN cables are correctly plugged into the PC
    • If the customer is connecting via Wi-Fi, the customer should confirm that the Wi-Fi on the PC has been enabled.
    • If the customer is still unable to connect, the customer should call Customer Care on 0803 10 21600
  2. The customer is unable to login
    • The customer should confirm entering the correct username and password
    • If the customer still unable to connect, the customer should call Customer Care on 0803 10 21600
  3. The customer does not receive username and password For MTN BaaS service
    • The customer should confirm that the username and password are being retrieved from the email address provided during registration
    • If the customer still experiences difficult, the customer should call Customer Care on 0803 10 21600