MTN SME Value Pack

Get the right tools to put your business ahead of competition. MTN SME Value Pack offers you a 4G router for multiuser Internet access, 20GB of data, a desk phone with voices minutes and much more – all in one simple bundle. Now you’ve got what you need to stay miles ahead! 

MTN SME Value Pack comes in two bundles:

Manage My Business
4G Internet Router, 20 GB Data*, 150 Voice Minutes

*The 20GB data breakdown is 10GB + 10GB bonus.

*The 10 GB bonus data is subject to bundle activation in 4G coverage areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SME Value Pack?

MTN SME Value Pack is a business bundle that offers SMEs and SOHOs a 4G router for multiuser Internet access, 20GB of data, a desk phone with voices minutes and much more – all in one simple bundle.


How is do I activate the Manage-My-Business Bundle?


Step 1

Register SIM at an MTN Store or SIM Registration point.

Step 2

Insert SIM in router and power on.

Step 3

Connect to router from computer using a LAN cable or connect to router from device using Wi-Fi. Hotspot default password is the WLAN key under the router.

Step 4

In the browser address bar, type myhynet. myhynet

Step 5

Enter admin in password field and login.

Step 6

Click Airtime tab

Step 7

Load the logical card given or check balance to confirm VTU received.

Step 8

Click SMS tab and send 116 to 131 to get the 10GB data and bonus data.

Step 9

Receive an SMS confirming activation of 10GB data.

Step 10

Recharge (via the same router portal) using the N1,000 airtime voucher provided at purchase.

Step 11

Send *460*2*9# on USSD tab.

Step 12

Receive an SMS confirming the activation of 150 voice minutes.


How does the Internet router work?

The Internet router is a simple plug and play device that supports both 3G and 4G networks. It has a SIM slot where the SIM card is inserted.

To connect to the router’s interface, connect the router to a computer using a LAN cable or connect the router to a device using Wi-Fi and enter in the address bar

You can set up a hotspot, recharge and activate data plans from this interface.


Can I share data with others?

Yes. Once the Internet router is set up and the customer has an active data plan, the customer can provide Internet access to others from the router interface by clicking Settings, then Wi-Fi Settings and enabling Broadcast SSID.


Where can I purchase the SME Value Pack?

This service is available from MTN Shops and Partner outlets nationwide.


Can I activate other data bundles on the service?

Yes. Once your initial data is exhausted, you can purchase any other data bundle of your choice from MTN’s bouquet of data offerings.


How do I access support for this service?

You can access support for SME Value Pack by calling 180 or 216. You can also send an email to